Would I Fit In?

If you love Jesus, love others, and love the truth, then you will fit in just fine! But here are just a few things to be aware of.

  • Everyone does not believe exactly the same on every issue. Although we maintain the essentials to the Christian faith, we do not divide and separate from one another over peripheral doctrine. The church has been extremely damaged by dividing from one another over doctrine. Instead, we have open-minded conversations and sincerely attempt to consider one another’s faith and position. We love one another more than we love our own opinions. We want to learn from one another and have the heart of regarding one another as more important than ourselves. We do actively discuss things, including doctrine, when it is called for.
  • Anything and everything we practice can be brought into question by anyone for discussion or for change. The church belongs to Jesus, not any one person. And we don’t want to get stuck in traditions, habits, or forms with no life in them.
  • Meeting in homes outside of the traditional church setting requires tremendous responsibility and some degree of spiritual maturity. If you are meeting in homes with other families (without a formal structure and rotating responsibility for leading assemblies), you are saying that you want to participate and take an active role. Being an active participant can show up differently in every person. You might bring a Scripture to read to everyone, you may add to the conversation in some way, or you may share with others a new song that you’ve recently learned.
  • Meeting in homes is more than just “going to church.” You are also saying that you want to be involved in others’ lives. If you disagree with a certain doctrine or practice, you may bring it up for us to look at and reconsider together. Simply distancing ourselves because we “disagree” provides no opportunity for the Lord to change people’s hearts or for us to learn from one another.
  • Although we seek to all be in agreement as much as possible, each family holds their own conviction before God concerning certain beliefs and practices which aren’t clearly specified in Scripture. Therefore, we are not offended, intimidated, or feel controlled by others’ beliefs that may differ somewhat from our own beliefs. However, at times we may discuss an issue for the purpose of understanding and for the purpose of attempting to come of one mind. Therefore, we do not require anyone to believe like we do on these matters. However, sin will not be ignored and repentance will be required, when necessary.

    Everyone is at a different place on their journey. All who are striving to walk with GOD are accepted and embraced, no matter where you are.

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