In What Ways do Women Participate When You Meet?

The topic of women’s participation in church meetings was the first subject we studied when we began this congregation.

Gender roles in the church is one of the most debated, controversial, and emotional subjects in the Scriptures.

There were mixed opinions as we entered our study. I recall commenting before we began that I feared we would end up disagreeing over the matter.

Before we studied, we prayed together for GOD to show us His will, whatever that might be, and we would accept it. We just wanted clarity.

Those who were present are convinced that GOD answered! It was an amazing experience. Within an hour-and-a-half we had reached a unanimous decision based upon our study:

During our group’s meetings, women are encouraged to participate—specifically, to comment or ask questions during Bible study, offer prayer requests when solicited, and request hymns to be sung. Women will not take a leadership role during our meetings and should maintain a submissive attitude.

If this raises an eyebrow, stay with me.

Two questions (be completely honest):

  1. Are you wholeheartedly searching for the truth on this subject, regardless of your current belief?
  2. Have you prayed earnestly for GOD to show you His will on the matter?

If you answered no to either question, there is little-to-no chance that you will agree with my explanation. Don’t read further until you can answer yes to both questions.

We based our conclusion on two factors:

  1. Our understanding of the Scriptures.
  2. The arrangement of our meetings. We sit facing one another. One of the men leads the assembly, soliciting participation as desired. Our meetings look a lot more like a Bible or “Sunday school” class setup in other congregations than they do a traditional “worship service.” This arrangement enables everyone, including women, to contribute without “leading.”

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