What is a House Church?

The term “house church” has come to mean a lot of different things.

Without an accompanying explanation, using the term “house church” can be like asking people to picture a flower—nearly everyone has a different image in their head, and most are probably different than what you pictured.

We use the term “house church” as a concise way of saying that we are a group of Christians who meet in our homes instead of a church-owned facility.

Check out this 3-minute overview of our congregation and what we believe makes us unique.

Click here to read about some of our core beliefs. If you are in the Montgomery, Alabama area, we’d be thrilled for you to visit with us. Contact me if interested.

In May 2014, I published an e-book about our experience with this house church. Its contents can benefit any Christian or seeker, regardless of their interest in house churches. Get your free copy of House Church Reflections here.


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