What Are Your Assemblies Like?

One of the men leads the assembly. He sets the order of events, but we adapt to the circumstances of the meeting.

During the course of a typical Sunday assembly, we:

  • Sing praises to GOD.
  • Discuss the previously-selected Bible study topic or Scripture.
  • Observe the Lord’s Supper.
  • Pray together, often taking prayer requests and lifting those previously-mentioned requests.
  • Discuss specific giving opportunities, as they arise, and collect money from any who wish to contribute to each need.
  • Enjoy a fellowship meal together.

Each person is encouraged to actively participate throughout the assembly. This encourages personal (and group) growth and helps us live like the family we are in Christ.

We love having visitors join us. We sometimes move our assembly location and meeting times. Contact me for information on assembly times and locations.

In May 2014, Tim Harris published an e-book about our experience with this house church. Its content is broad enough to benefit any Bible student, regardless of their interest in house churches. It includes an in-depth explanation of our typical assembly format.

Download House Church Reflections here.


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