Top 10: Lies of Satan

In John 8:44, Jesus referred to Satan as “a liar and the father of lies.

Ever since the first temptation in the Garden, Satan’s lies have been deceiving people.

In this post, I give you what I believe would be Satan’s most successful lies of our generation today.

Lie #10: GOD doesn’t exist

This lie has become increasingly-successful over the past 50 years.

Atheists have become increasingly outspoken and offensive in attempts to promote their (lack of) faith.

It seems that this lie is believed more frequently in more affluent societies where people tend to trust in money and other material things. There tends to be a more common false sense of being “in control” when people live in relative abundance.

Lie #9: There is no such place as hell

A loving GOD wouldn’t send His own creation to a place of eternal torment, would he? Surely not.

Did you know that Jesus spoke more about hell than any other person in the Scriptures?

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Lie #8: This life is all there is. When you die, you cease to exist.

Live for today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. YOLO.

Life is too short to waste it on fairy tales and myths about GOD, salvation, and judgment.

What you see—that’s all there is. That’s what Satan would want you to believe.

Devil with pitchforkLie #7: Sin really isn’t serious…just be a good person.

Satan’s deception tricks us into believing that most sins, such as lying or cursing, aren’t serious offenses and all that really matters is for us to be a “good person” and GOD will be pleased with us.

By contrast, the gospel teaches us that we’re broken, spiritually bankrupt souls that stand guilty before GOD and are in desperate need of a savior.

Lie #6: GOD would want you to be happy, so do what makes you happy

All things being equal, GOD does want you to be happy.

But your happiness isn’t His top concern.

GOD loves you more than you could possibly imagine, and because of this, His top concern is what is best for you. Often, what’s best for us isn’t what makes us happy right now.

For example, often times we suffer and wonder why GOD allows that to happen. But later on, when we look back on what happened, we see how GOD was working through the situation for our good—to grow us, or someone else.

While, in our limited wisdom, we think a certain action or decision is going to bring happiness to our life, GOD knows better. He’s the one who knows what is truly best for us. His commands are for our good always, the Scriptures say.

So remember, GOD isn’t trying to ruin our good time or fun. He’s trying to protect us and bless us. Trust Him in return, even when you don’t understand.

Lie #5: Getting more stuff will make me happy

Satan would love nothing more than for us to waste our life pursuing the next shiny thing that grabs our attention and focus.

People who fall for this lie seem to fail to learn from repeated attempts of gaining satisfaction and purpose through pursuit of material possessions.

GOD would have us invest our treasures in heaven where we can spend eternity because of Jesus.

GOD alone brings satisfaction, purpose and direction to our life.

Lie #4: GOD doesn’t love you

Satan would have us believe that, while GOD may love everyone else, there’s something about us that keeps Him from loving me.

It usually goes something like, “I’ve just been too bad for GOD to forgive me.” Or, “GOD doesn’t want people like me in His family.”

Don’t believe these lies.

Lie #3: I can’t be saved, I’m too far gone

Jesus didn’t give up heaven and being in the form of GOD and travel to the cross of Calvary—all that work and effort—in order to give you a one-in-a-million shot at squeezing into heaven.

Grace is real! GOD longs to save you, and if He is for you, salvation is very much within your grasp.

Satan's liesLie #2: Once you’re saved, regardless of how you live, there’s nothing you can do to lose your salvation

The purpose of the gospel is to change us to make us like Jesus.

The New Testament is clear that we are to live holy lives and, if we walk according to the flesh, GOD will reject us and send us to hell (see 1 Pet. 1:13-16; Gal. 1:6-9; Heb. 10:24-26).

The doctrine of “once saved always saved” is not biblical and very dangerous.

Lie #1: You’re saved the moment you believe in Jesus

Rev. 12:9 says that Satan “deceives the whole world.

The majority of believers today believe that a person is saved the instant they believe in/on Jesus as the Son of GOD.

Yet the Bible clearly and repeatedly shows there is more than intellectual acknowledgment involved in being born again (see John 3:5; Rom. 6, for example).

I believe this has been Satan’s most successful lie yet, because it convinces well-meaning and sincere people to believe that they are saved when they are, in reality, still outside of Christ (Gal. 3:27).

Obviously, since so many today believe sins are forgiven as soon as one professes faith in Jesus, this point is controversial.

It’s earned me quite a lot of criticism in the comments here.

Beyond the Scriptures themselves, the greatest witness to what I’m saying is the written testimony of the early Christians—those taught by the apostles and by those the apostles personally taught.

Please research this for yourself. You can start here.

Please don’t simply dismiss this or Satan’s lie obtains even more success.

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