Three Blessings for Christians During Immoral Times

I recently wrote a post cautioning about the consequences of making decisions without basing them upon GOD’s Word.

I observed that this is not the first downward turn in morality that the world has undergone and that we can learn many lessons from past situations like we are seeing unfold today.

While we would certainly prefer the masses make biblically-guided, moral choices and judgments as opposed to immoral ones, Christians are called to “rejoice always” (see Phil. 4:4).

There are certain opportunities that arise from increased immorality in the world.

Here are three such opportunities.

Blessing #1: It is easier for a Christian to stand out.

As Christians, we should stand out from the world around us.

Our interests ought to be different, our speech should sound different, and our thinking should be different.

When most people are generally moral and seem to make biblically-sound decisions, it is more difficult to spot a Christian from simply a (morally) “good person,” as we might say.

Of course, the reality is that being a good person does not save one’s soul.

Only Jesus does that.

So, the reality is that we can have a society that is morally sound and prospering, but nearly everyone is going to hell because they aren’t in Jesus.

But in an immoral society, one who follows Jesus sticks out big-time.

Let’s you and I resolve to be that person, regardless of what happens around us.

As Joshua challenged Israel in his day:

15 But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
(Josh. 24:15 NIV)

Blessing #2: People can more easily identify the authentic from the imposters.

I am convinced that most people don’t really have true convictions, but rather simply follow whatever is popular at the time.

We have lived in a time when, at least in most western nations of the world, Christianity has been what is most popular to profess.

And so most people have considered themselves Christians, at least in name.

Unfortunately, as Jesus foretold, the road that leads to eternal life is narrow and few travel it.

But when everybody claims to be a Christian, and yet their lives don’t reflect the teachings of the One they claim to follow, what happens to the world?

The sad reality is that the majority continue traveling the same path to hell as the generations before them, only they journey carrying the self-professed name “Christian.”

Now that being a Christian is becomes increasingly at odds with the popular culture over issues such as homosexuality, evolution and abortion, the relative few who are traveling the narrow path that leads to eternal life are easier to spot and their lives of righteousness stand out more starkly.

This often leads to increased persecution, but also increased respect and attention from the world, resulting in more lives being saved.

History teaches us that, in times of peace, those claiming to be Christians tend to focus on internal squabbling, but in times of persecution from outside forces, Christians come together, become stronger and grow in number.

I don’t think anyone would argue that a major reason for the decrease in morality has been the laziness and weakness of the church.

As painful as it can be, trying times are often the remedy for a slothful church.

Blessing #3: Negative consequences from immoral choices generate opportunities to serve.

Bad things happen when people ignore the warnings of Scripture and the lessons of history.

While we’d rather this not occur for our sake, the resulting calamity of these bad choices and sin provides an abundance of opportunity to love, serve and teach people.

(And if we wish to be effective as Jesus’ followers, we will do so in this order. Love first. Serve. Then teach.)

This will challenge us a lot because we will be required to get in the midst of some filthy situations—physically, emotionally and spiritually—in order to help people.

Let us resolve to pray for:

  • Wisdom to see the opportunities.
  • Hearts of compassion and love to move us to jump in and help.
  • Courage to face the challenges.

What do you think? Are there other opportunities you see which arise out of increased immorality in our society?


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