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Rebirth / Resurrection

Title Published Date
A Fresh Look at Jesus' Second Coming from Second Thessalonians 28 March 2017
A Fresh Look at the Judgments in the Book of Revelation 02 May 2017
A Fresh Look at the Judgments in the Book of Revelation [part 2] 02 May 2017
Baptism: GOD's Beautiful Bridge from the Old to the New 21 February 2017
Biblical Baptism, Part 7 (What is the Baptism that Jesus Commanded?) 15 August 2013
Biblical Baptism, Part 8 (What is the Purpose of Water Baptism?) 16 August 2013
December 3 - 1 Corinthians (part 4) - Promises of the Resurrection 03 December 2011
Did You Know Jesus Said THIS about His Second Coming? 22 November 2016
Did You Miss This from First Thessalonians? (Rethinking what Paul wrote about Jesus' second coming) 21 March 2017
Does the Bible Foretell Three Comings of Jesus? 17 January 2017
How to Clearly See the Big Picture of the Bible 26 July 2016
Is Jesus Dead? 16 February 2016
Is the Earth Going to Burn Up? (A fresh look at 2 Peter 3) 04 April 2017
Jesus on the Resurrection: The Time Now Has Come 24 January 2017
Jesus' Most In-depth Teaching on His Second Coming 06 December 2016
Life's Most Important Question (What must I do to be saved?) 28 November 2010
My Season of Revelation 30 January 2016
Myths about Baptism (Separating Truth from False Doctrine) 16 January 2012
November 8 - Jesus Raises Lazarus 07 November 2011
Re-Thinking Heaven [What Scripture REALLY Says about the Home of the Righteous] 07 September 2020