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The Important Connection Between Jesus' Church and the Prophesied Second Gathering of Israel 14 February 2017
The Joy of Your Child Being Saved (Proud parent moment) 15 August 2015
The Origin of Christmas (How Christmas Became Popular) 22 December 2015
The Parable of the Lost Son 24 June 2012
The Story of the Bible [That You've Never Heard Before, Part 2] 01 February 2020
The Story of the Bible [That You've Never Heard Before] 01 February 2020
The Wild One Whose Image We Bear (Inspired by "Wild at Heart") 28 January 2013
The World's Greatest Story (GOD's Grace) 27 August 2011
Three Keys to Strengthening Christianity in America 16 June 2014
Timing of the Last Supper and Crucifixion 21 April 2011
To Whom are You Committed? (Why We Can Think We're Following Jesus When We Aren't) 22 February 2013
Top 10: Lies of Satan 21 April 2012
Top 10: Reasons I Look Forward to Heaven 16 July 2011
Top 10: Things I Wish Non-Christians Knew About Christianity 04 June 2016
Unity in the Bible 08 January 2012
What Does All of This Mean for Us? (Practical implications of rethinking eschatology) 16 May 2017
What Does it Mean to be a Disciple of Jesus? 21 February 2013
What does the Old Testament say about Jesus' Church? [Discovering the Treasure of OT Church Prophecy] 04 June 2019
What is the Abundant Life that Jesus Promised? 15 March 2011
What Jesus Revealed about His Second Coming in Matthew 16 29 November 2016