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  • Church Notes: Danger of Serving Two Masters

    These are my notes for our 5/13/2012 church meeting. Leader: Philip Weatherford Assignment Let’s consider the dangers of trying to keep one foot in the world, and one foot in God’s kingdom. I look forward to our discussion.

  • November 7 – Jesus Continues Teaching by Parables

    Reading Luke 13:22-18:14 Matt. 20:1-16 Devotional On His journey which eventually leads to Jerusalem, Jesus returned to Perea, the region where John the Baptist had been baptizing at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. He taught many who came out to Him there and a lot of people believed on Him. It is here that Jesus…

  • October 26 – The Sermon on the Mount

    Reading Matt. 5:1-12 Luke 6:24-26 Matt. 5:13-42; Luke 6:27-31 Matt. 5:43-48; Luke 6:32-36 Matt. 6:1-34 Luke 6:37-42 Matt. 7:6-23; Luke 6:43-45 Matt. 7:24-27; Luke 6:46-49 Matt. 7:28-29 Devotional After Jesus selected 12 apostles from His disciples, people came from all over the country to listen to Jesus and to be healed of various illnesses and…