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  • Biblical Principle #178: Bronze Snake Saved Snakebitten Sinners

    Biblical Principles List Principle When GOD sent venemous snakes upon Israel to punish them for their complaining, the snakebitten person that looked upon the bronze snake on a pole would be healed. Explanation After defeating Arad, Israel returned to their incessant complaining against Moses and GOD. This time, GOD sent venomous snakes into the camp.

  • December 13 – Paul Travels to Rome

    Reading Acts 27:1-28:31 Devotional Around 60 A.D., the time arrived for Paul to be taken to Rome so that he might stand trial before Caesar. A centurion named Julius was given the mission of escorting Paul safely to Rome. Luke and Aristarchus, a Christian from Thessalonica, traveled with Paul. They traveled safely along the first…