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  • Must Women be Silent in Church Meetings?

    Does the Bible teach that women must be silent during church meetings? Few topics can stir up as much emotional response among Christians as that of gender roles within the church. In this article, we examine what the Scriptures teach regarding women’s participation in church assemblies.

  • The Bible’s Proverbs on Speech (Wise and Foolish Talk)

    If you read my family devotionals, or if we’ve talked about spiritual matters in recent years, you probably know that I am a big fan of The Daily Bible. In fact, it has been one of my top five purchases ever. For this post, I’m going to “borrow” from The Daily Bible’s topical organization of the…

  • In What Ways do Women Participate When You Meet?

    The topic of women’s participation in church meetings was the first subject we studied when we began this congregation. Gender roles in the church is one of the most debated, controversial, and emotional subjects in the Scriptures. There were mixed opinions as we entered our study. I recall commenting before we began that I feared we…