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  • Top 10: Reasons I Look Forward to Heaven

    I don’t know anything that is more encouraging than thinking about and anticipating heaven. Here are my top ten reasons why I’m looking forward to heaven. July 2017 Note: I first created this top ten list in mid-2011. Time and continued study and growth has changed my list somewhat. Here is my updated list. April…

  • Church Notes: Keys to Overcoming Disappointment

    These are notes from our 4/10/2011 church meeting. Leader: Tim Harris Assignment What are some keys to dealing with disappointment? We all face situations where people and life events leave us down, disappointed, and depressed. How do you get over those things and move on? Draw from scripture and personal experience.

  • January 15 – Dealing with Disappointment

    Reading Gen. 34:1-35:29 Devotional In these two chapters GOD tells us three sad events that occurred in Jacob’s family. First, Jacob’s daughter Dinah is severely mistreated by Shechem the Hivite. Second, Jacob’s wife Rachel—whom he loved most—died while giving birth to their son Benjamin. Third, Jacob’s father Isaac dies. These were very difficult days for…

  • Church Notes: Mountains and Valleys

    These were my notes and discussion questions for our 7/25/2010 church meeting. Leader: Tim Harris Assignment The topic for this assembly will be “Mountains and Valleys.” Read Deut. 34 and Josh. 1 and bring a question for discussion.