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  • Church Notes: The Wrath of GOD

    These are my notes from our 12/30/2012 church meeting. As I update this post on 6/7/2014, my understanding regarding many of the Scriptures below which speak of the judgment has changed. However, I have left the content as it was originally posted. Leader: Raymond Harris Assignment Answer the enclosed questions on the wrath of GOD.

  • Church Notes: Saving Faith

    These are my notes for our 2/12/2012 church meeting. Leader: Raymond Harris Assignment Studying more about our own faith: Do I have the kind of faith Jesus is talking about in John 3:16? Do I have saving faith? Be brutally honest with yourself! How can I know? When it comes down to the bottom line, down…

  • GOD’s Longsuffering and Patience

    These are my notes from our 8/21/2011 church meeting. Leader: Tim Harris Assignment We want to praise GOD for His longsuffering and patience. What Bible passage or song is most meaningful to you regarding this aspect of GOD’s character? Be prepared to share how GOD’s longsuffering has affected you personally.

  • Church Notes: Parental Discipline

    Here are my notes from a 2011 church meeting where we discussed the topic of what Scripture says about parental discipline.

  • Church Notes: Faith of a Mustard Seed

    These are my notes from our 2/20/2011 church meeting. Leader: Philip Weatherford Assignment Let’s consider “If I have faith as a mustard seed” what implications that can have on our lives as we strive to be a follower of Jesus. Let’s also ask ourselves if I “Follow Jesus, but not too closely” will I have a…

  • Church Notes: How Do We Know Jesus Dwells in Our Heart?

    These are my notes from our church assembly on 12/12/2010. My understanding of the passages referenced from Revelation below has changed since. Leader:  Philip Weatherford Assignment How is it we are to know that Jesus dwells in our hearts?

  • Church Notes: Favorite Promise Passage

    The following notes are from our church assembly on 12/5/2010. My understanding regarding some of these promise passages has changed since. Description GOD’s word is full of promises to His children. What is your favorite promise passage within the Bible? Bring your scripture and a song and we’ll discuss them.

  • Church Notes: Mountains and Valleys

    These were my notes and discussion questions for our 7/25/2010 church meeting. Leader: Tim Harris Assignment The topic for this assembly will be “Mountains and Valleys.” Read Deut. 34 and Josh. 1 and bring a question for discussion.

  • Church Notes: Encouragement and Evangelism

    The following were my notes from leading our church’s assembly on 6/6/2010. Assignment The past two Sundays we’ve been discussing evangelism and encouraging others. We’ll continue that theme this Sunday. In preparation, please study the following: