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  • How to Deal with Difficult Christians (And Avoid Common Mistakes)

    “There’s this Christian that’s difficult to get along with. What should I do?” Sadly, that’s a question many of us face. People are imperfect. That includes Christians. Let’s tackle this difficult question. … For the past several posts, I have been discussing the theme of separating what is from what should be, with a particular…

  • June 16 – Lessons from Jonah

    Reading Jonah 1-4 2 Kings 13:5; 14:25-27; 13:6 Devotional The account of Jonah is one of the more frequently-told Bible stories. GOD sent the prophet Jonah to the city of Nineveh in Assyria, one of the largest cities of the ancient world, with a message of repentance because the wickedness of the city had come…

  • Church Notes: Keys to Overcoming Disappointment

    These are notes from our 4/10/2011 church meeting. Leader: Tim Harris Assignment What are some keys to dealing with disappointment? We all face situations where people and life events leave us down, disappointed, and depressed. How do you get over those things and move on? Draw from scripture and personal experience.