These were my notes and discussion questions for our 7/25/2010 church meeting.

Leader: Tim Harris


The topic for this assembly will be "Mountains and Valleys." Read Deut. 34 and Josh. 1 and bring a question for discussion.

My Notes

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think Moses felt as he looked over the land of Canaan on top of the mountain?
  2. Place yourself in the shoes of an Israelite during these days. How would you describe the feelings of the Israelites when Moses died?
  3. What made Moses a great leader?
  4. What specifically was so special and unique about Moses' relationship with GOD?
  5. Place yourself in Joshua's shoes. How would you feel during the events of these chapters?
  6. In what ways does Eccl. 3:1-8 apply to the events of these chapters?
  7. In what ways do these chapters synopsize our individual life?
  8. Can a man be a great man without being a great leader?

Lord's Supper Thoughts

In continuing our theme I'd like to consider some mountains and valleys in Jesus' journey:

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Author: Tim Harris
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