These are my notes in preparation for our 7/8/2012 church meeting.

Leader: Raymond Harris


Study Ephesians 1st chapter and Acts 20:35. List all the spiritual blessings in chapter one. Be prepared to study together. Think about this as you study; How does Jesus bless us spiritually?

My Notes

  1. We have every spiritual blessing in Jesus.
  2. We were chosen before creation to be holy and blameless.
  3. He predestined us to adoption as sons, according to His pleasure and will.
  4. He has freely given His grace to those in Christ.
  5. We have redemption because of Jesus' blood.
  6. We have forgiveness of sins.
  7. He let us in on His secret ("the mystery") of His will.
  8. He has brought us all under one head, which is Christ.
  9. We have been included in Christ.
  10. We were sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit, who is our guarantee.
  11. We have the promise His glorious inheritance.
  12. Collectively, we are the fullness of GOD who fills everything in every way.
  13. All of these things are freely given by the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:35).
Tim Harris
Author: Tim Harris

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