Notes and discussion questions for 1 John 2.


  • John's purpose in writing these things is that we might not sin.
  • Jesus is our Advocate. This word means "helper; comforter" as in a lawyer who represents the accused before the judge, who in this case, is GOD.
  • Jesus is our propitiation (NKJV). This word means "atoning sacrifice".
  • We can be confident that we know Jesus if we keep His commandments.
    • Otherwise, the one who professes to know Jesus is a liar and the truth is not in him.
    • The one who obeys has GOD's love completed within them. By this they know they are in Jesus.
    • We need to walk just as Jesus walked.
  • We must love our brother.
    • Anyone who hates their brother walks in darkness. The darkness has blinded that man's eyes.
  • Our sins are forgiven for GOD's name's sake.
    • Fathers have known GOD.
    • Young men have overcome Satan. They are strong and GOD's word abides in them.
    • Children have known the Father.
  • Do not love the world nor the things it contains.
    • Anyone who loves this world does not have the love of GOD within him.
    • Three kinds of worldly temptations are of this world:
      • Lust of the flesh.
      • Lust of the eyes.
      • Pride of accomplishment.
    • The "world" was passing away along with its lusts.
    • The one who obeys GOD will live forever.
  • Numerous anti-Christs had come.
    • They sprang out of the early church.
    • Anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ (anointed of GOD) is a liar and an anti-Christ.
    • You can't have the Father without the Son. The one who acknowledges the Son will also have the Father.
    • Abide (stay) in that which is from the beginning, the true gospel of GOD. Abide in Jesus.
    • When Jesus appears we will have confidence and not be ashamed before Him.

Discussion Questions

  1. What impact does knowing you have Jesus as your helper, advocate and atoning sacrifice have upon you?
  2. How can one who claims to love GOD hate his brother? How do they not see that is unacceptable before GOD?
  3. Why does GOD forgive our sins, according to this chapter?
  4. How do we ensure that we avoid falling in love with the world and its "pretties?"
  5. What is an anti-Christ?
  6. What would have caused a believer to be ashamed at Jesus' coming?
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