Notes and discussion questions for 1 John 1.


  • John witnessed Jesus first-hand. He saw Him in the flesh and touched Him with his hands.
  • Jesus is the Word of life, something John discussed previously in chapter 1 of his gospel account.
    • He was with the Father.
    • He is eternal life.
    • Through Jesus we have fellowship with the Father.
  • These truths should fill our lives with joy! We are so small and insignificant, and GOD is so high, exalted and holy. Yet GOD desires a personal relationship with me! Amazing!
  • GOD is light and completely without any darkness. As a result, if we want to have fellowship with Him, we must walk in light and not in darkness. If we do otherwise, we are liars.
  • If we walk in the light:
    • We have fellowship with one another.
    • The blood of Jesus cleanses us of all sin.
  • If we pretend we have no sin:
    • We deceive ourselves.
    • The truth is not in us.
    • We attempt to make GOD a liar.
    • GOD's word is not in us.
  • By contrast, if we confess our sin, GOD is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe how meaningful it must have been for John to have experienced Jesus physically.
  2. In what ways do you think John's memories of time with Jesus affected his outlook on life?
  3. What does John indicate should be the Christian's response as a result of having fellowship with GOD and Jesus?
  4. How is it possible for us to deceive ourselves regarding our own sins?
  5. What does confession mean?
  6. How much unrighteousness does the blood of Jesus forgive for the one who walks in the light?
  7. What impact should the truth of GOD's grace have upon the Christian? Upon the Non-believer?
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Author: Tim Harris

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