These are my notes in preparation for our 2/2/2011 church meeting.

Leader: Raymond Harris


Study: Mark 8:1-26. What do we learn about Jesus in these events? In seeing Jesus what do we learn about God? (John 14:9) What lessons do we learn about mankind? And thus about ourselves?


What we learn about Jesus

  1. Jesus didn't mind teaching for a long time (three days).
  2. Jesus has great compassion, caring about others. It was for this purpose He was teaching, and it is for this purpose He feeds the people.
  3. Jesus is constantly moving, active and busy.
  4. Jesus didn't waste His time on those (Pharisees) who had hard hearts.
  5. Jesus was patient, albeit frustrated, with the apostles in the face of their inability to see that He was well able to provide food for them.
  6. Jesus is unpredictable – "Things never happen the same way twice, dear one." —Azlan, Prince Caspian

What we learn about GOD

  1. It is important to GOD that we understand, see and trust Him.
  2. With the assumption of allowing "free will," even GOD is unable to melt the hearts of all people.
  3. GOD's view of the religious leaders is far different than man's.
  4. Despite our shortcomings, GOD is patient with those who have their heart set on Him.

Lessons about Mankind

  1. We're slow to perceive and our faith is small.
  2. It is possible to put up with some discomfort (hunger) in order to be fed spiritually.
  3. When people see Jesus, they are attracted to Him.
  4. People are looking for healing.
  5. It is possible for even those closest to GOD to miss truth.
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