Notes and discussion questions from Period 3 of the Life of Jesus: Births of John the Baptist and Jesus.


  • Luke 1; Mt. 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-38

Discussion Questions

1. Who was Zacharias and how does the Bible describe him?

2. What does Luke 1:15 tell us about how John would be viewed by GOD?

3. GOD took away Zacharias’ ability to speak because of his disbelief.  Why should Zacharias not have doubted?

4. How much older was John than Jesus?

5. Which of Jesus’ parents was of the lineage of David?

6. How did Gabriel begin his message to Mary?  Why is this a special gift from GOD?

7. What prophecy did Gabriel give Mary regarding Jesus?

8. Contrast Mary’s reaction to Gabriel’s news with that of Zacharias.

9. What is your favorite phrase or statement from Mary’s praise of GOD in Luke 1:46-55?

10. When John was born and Zacharias named him he regained his speech.  What was the first thing he spoke?

11. Why did Joseph seek to put Mary away secretly when he learned of her pregnancy?

12. What does the name “Jesus” mean?  What does the name Immanuel mean?

13. Why did Joseph and Mary have to travel to Bethlehem?

14. How are the location of Jesus’ birth and the celebration surrounding it consistent with the nature of His purpose on earth?

15. What does the fact that Joseph and Mary brought two turtle doves or pigeons tell us about their economic status?

16. Describe Simeon and his praise of GOD in Luke 2:25-35.


Here are my answers in Microsoft Word format.

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