Notes from Daniel 9 regarding GOD's response to Daniel's prayer.

Daniel 9:1-4a, 20-23

  • Daniel knew the Word of GOD, and he believed it.
  • Daniel knew why he and his people were where they were, and he didn't blame GOD but rather praised Him (v7).
  • GOD knew where Daniel was, and His face was on Daniel.
  • GOD heard Daniel when He prayed, and He responded…immediately!
  • GOD told Daniel he was "greatly beloved" (v23), something Daniel longed to hear, especially since he was a just man living among wicked brethren.
  • GOD hears you and me today, and by faith we can hear Him respond to us similarly to Daniel.
  • A frequent prayer request of mine is for wisdom - James 1:5.
  • A prayer tip I can share is to be quick to pray…to think "pray first, then act". I've not perfected this, by any means, but I try and remember Nehemiah's example (Neh. 1:4-2:5).
Tim Harris
Author: Tim Harris

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