Jacob had twelve sons.


By the time Jacob returned to Bethel, he had quite the large family, including eleven sons. Genesis 29-30 records Jacob's children as follows:

Leah Bore:

(1.) Reuben
(2.) Simeon
(3.) Levi
(4.) Judah

Bilhah (Rachel's handmaid) Bore:

(5.) Dan
(6.) Naphtali

Zilpah (Leah's handmaid) Bore:

(7.) Gad
(8.) Asher

Leah Bore:

(9.) Issachar
(10.) Zebulun

Leah next bore a daughter named Dinah.

Rachel Bore:

(11.) Joseph

After returning to Bethel, Rachel bore Jacob's twelfth and last son, Benjamin. Sadly, Rachel died during labor. These events are recorded in Genesis 35.

(12.) Benjamin

As the promises GOD made to Abraham had passed to Isaac and to Jacob, so also the promises would be passed down to Jacob's sons.


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