The biblical writings were copied by scribes.


We previously established that the Bible is a compilation of numerous writings which were written over the span of about 1,500 years.

The biblical writings were penned by descendants of Abraham, to whom GOD promised blessings for Abraham's obedience.

The Bible tells the story of how GOD brought about the fulfillment of His promises to Abraham. Therefore, the focus of the biblical writers was upon their situation, as GOD's children. In other words, the Bible is the story of Israel. (But not the modern "country" of Israel, the authentic descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.)

Moses was the first person to write down Scripture (see Exodus 17:14; 24:4; Deuteronomy 31:9, 22; Luke 16:29-31; John 1:45).

Copies of Moses' writings, commonly referred to as the Law of Moses, were created. Joshua, the successor to Moses, made a copy (see Joshua 8:32 [9:5 OSB]).

Throughout the Old Testament writings, we read of specific men called scribes who made copies of these writings. By the time of Jesus in the first century A.D., the scribes had become influential religious leaders among the Jews. The scribe, Pharisees, and Sadducees frequently opposed Jesus.

These copies of the biblical writings ensured the availability of GOD's word among Israel, and reliance upon this handwritten copying process continued until the widespread availability of printed books.


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