What Does it Mean to be Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16)?

Salt enhances taste, preserves, and irritates.

As Christians we improve the taste of life to the lost and dying world. We improve the overall “taste” of humanity to GOD. We sow seed and water in the hearts of people which helps yield new branches on GOD’s vine.

Salt keeps meat from spoiling, and Christians keep the world from “spoiling.” Salt also serves as an irritant to an open wound.

The world rejects us because we are not “its own” (John 15:19). A true Christian is a reminder to a wounded, lost soul of what they were created to be (John 3:19-20).

Light illuminates, directs, exposes, blinds and irritates.

Without the Light of the World, which is Jesus, we are left to wander aimlessly, pursuing our personal wants and wishes, living without purpose or direction.

As Christians, we reflect Jesus by our deeds (Matt. 25) to those around us. This is our light shining. In doing so, we point the way toward GOD so that others can see Him in some small way, since He Himself is not seen in the flesh.

Light exposes the darkness (John 3:19-20).

If those in darkness want light, we give it to them and they come out of darkness and they become light as well, increasing the brightness in the world. But if they aren’t looking to know…if they are comfortable in the dark…then they will hate the light and it will be an irritant to them.

I believe that being salt and light has to do with exhibiting the characteristics Jesus had just finished talking about in Matt. 5:3-12.

When I recognize my own worthlessness because of my sin, then I am poor in spirit and that causes me to seek after Jesus. When I talk of Him to others, and of my own spiritual brokenness, that is being salt and light to them.

When I weep because of death, or sin, or disappointment, or pain, that reminds me that this world is temporary and that I look for a city whose builder is GOD (Heb. 11:10).

When I mourn with and for others, that is being salt and light.

When I exhibit an attitude of meekness and not pride that is being salt and light.

When I talk frequently about my relationship with GOD and how He has loved and blessed me, that displays my hunger for righteousness.

When I extend mercy to help someone who may be undeserving, or perhaps even an enemy, that is being salt and light.

When someone mistreats me or says evil things about me, if I do not retaliate or talk about them in a hateful or negative way, then I am showing a pure heart.

If I live the way I talk—if I’m truly a Christian—then I am showing a pure heart.

If I step in and try to bridge a gap between enemies, or if I turn the other cheek when I have power to squash the other individual, then I am being a peacemaker, which is being salt and light.

When I suffer well under persecution then I am being salt and light.

When I rejoice even during bad times then I am salt and light.





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