If I could show you key truths
from the Bible
that most Christians have missed,
would you investigate it?

For nearly 2,000 years, Christians have pondered...

The Revelation Letter

  • How can I understand Revelation?
  • Are we living in the end times?
  • Who is Antichrist?
  • When will the apocalypse occur?
  • When was Revelation written?
  • When will these things take place?
  • Who is "Babylon?"
  • Who are these beasts?
  • What is the mark of the beast?
  • Who are the 144,000 saved ones?
  • Do these things pertain to us today?

Jesus' Second Coming

  • When is Jesus returning?
  • Didn't He say He was coming quickly?
  • Are we living in the last days? If so, why would GOD use a short-time description to describe 2,000+ years?
  • Are there signs of His coming?
  • What will happen when Jesus comes back?
  • Will the whole earth hear the trumpet?
  • How will everyone see Him simultaneously?
  • When Jesus returns, will life on earth stop?
  • How will GOD judge those who hadn't yet obeyed the gospel at Jesus' return but would have before they died?

Death, Judgment & Resurrection

  • Will I die before Jesus returns?
  • What happens immediately after we die?
  • Do Christians wait in Abraham's bosom after death?
  • When Jesus returns, will living Christians physically float into the air?
  • When Jesus returns, will Christians live on the earth with Him for 1,000 years?
  • Why would GOD wait to punish the wicked?
  • Will we all wait in line at the judgment?
  • At the judgment, why would the righteous ask Jesus when they visited Him in prison, etc., when He already revealed the answer (see Matt. 25:37)?

But what if we've misunderstood?

What if the answers were there all along yet somehow we missed them?

I believe this is exactly what has happened.

I've found the answers to these questions in the Bible, and I can show you.

That's why I created this course.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Grasping the Biblical Meaning of Revelation

This course contains 15 video lessons

8 Foundational Lessons

These vital lessons examine biblical concepts foundational to correctly understanding Revelation. As you progress, it will become obvious where common mistakes are made, resulting in erroneous conclusions. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged.

3 Lessons on Anchor Passages

These are the "yeah but" lessons. As I was studying these things, for my newly-forming conclusions to be accurate, they had to harmonize with these passages. I learned that we—self included—sometimes place "faith anchors" on passages we confidently misunderstand, leading us to dismiss more plainly-worded passages.

4 Lessons on Revelation

With a proper foundation in place and awareness of our tendency to misplace spiritual anchors, we're ready to study Revelation.
(1.) Historical Setting of Revelation
In this lesson, we examine what we can learn from the historical context of the Revelation letter.
(2.) Defining 'The Whole World'
(3.) The End
(4.) The Song of Moses
(5.) Daniel on 'The End'
(6.) The Last Days
(7.) The Elijah to Come
(8.) Two Days Before Jesus' Crucifixion
(9.) The Second Coming in 1 Thessalonians
This lesson looks at the purpose behind the 1 Thessalonians letter and what it has to say about Jesus' second coming. The evidence is compared with findings from the Foundational Lessons. This content is very eye-opening as widely-held beliefs are reexamined in light of internal evidence from the letter as well as Scriptures covered in previous lessons.
(10.) The Second Coming in 2 Thessalonians
(11.) 1 Corinthians 15 on the Resurrection
(12.) The Theme of Revelation
Because Revelation can seem so complicated and daunting, we devote this lesson to identifying its "big picture" using a combination of internal and external Scripture. This lesson is a stress-reliever because, once we understand the main theme of the letter, the pressure to get small details correct is diminished greatly.
(13.) Revelation 1-3: Instructions to the Asian Churches
(14.) Revelation 4-18: John's Heavenly Vision
(15.) Revelation 19-22: Jesus' Victory and Judgments

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This gives an amazingly new perspective to the New Testament and the Old Testament...

This study is extremely exciting and rewarding making clear the prophets the parables and the book of Revelation.

...you did a great job in simplifying the message of Revelation and without getting bogged down!

...enlightening and refreshing...

The course material is right on the mark...

Shook me up...challenged me...

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