Re-Thinking (Biblical) Modesty

One of the more apparent symptoms of the moral decay of Western culture has been the pervasiveness of immodesty. Sadly, history shows that, outside of period of severe persecution, self-professed Christians are often more influenced by popular culture than culture is influenced by Christians.

Today, the Internet, social media, television, movies, music, and advertising collectively has a stranglehold on our minds. Sexual attraction is promoted continually from the time we wake until we sleep. You cannot visit a beach without continuously seeing 75% of the females revealing 95% of their skin.

Even (visible) churches cannot escape immodesty during their assemblies. In many “Christian” circles, the mere mention of the word “modest” evokes a gag reflex.

Since the tower of Babel, humanity has pursued a god of our own desires rather than what GOD desires. Today is no different.

Modesty is ultimately a heart issue.

Non-Christians and “worldly” people can be expected to behave immodestly. They are not following Christ. Non-Christians are not my concern when it comes to modesty. (Non-Christians first need to know Jesus and we can talk modesty later.)

But for Christians, immodesty is either a result of not knowing (lack of awareness) or not caring (pride; stubbornness; failure to surrender to Jesus’ will). Either we don’t know that our behavior is immodest or we don’t care whether it’s immodest, we’re going to do what we want to do. There is no third possibility.

Naturally, when Christians discuss modesty, the question arises: By what standard do we determine what is modest and what is immodest? How do we know?

On the surface, this is a valid question.

But when we look deeper, the fact that we ask this question is an indicator of the root issue regarding modesty: We don’t properly understand biblical modesty.

Because when we understand biblical modesty, we no longer need to ask this question.

For this reason, it’s time that we re-think biblical modesty. And that’s why I recorded this video lesson:

I highly recommend paying close attention because once you “get” these truths, you’ll be (Jesus-)driven to live modestly.

Check it out! ?





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