Biblical Principle #90: Properties of Creation

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At creation, GOD established fundamental properties for how life works, both on earth and in heaven.


GOD designed creation to function in a specific way. As this is true on earth, so it is in heaven.

Pause and think about this afresh: GOD. Designed. Creation. To. Work.

One of life’s fundamental truths is that there is one or more way(s) that something can work—meaning, that the desired outcome can be achieved—and there are many ways that the desired outcome cannot be realized.

All of creation functions based on certain rules or properties that GOD established in the beginning. Humans call these “laws.” For example, we have the law of gravity.

Think of these fundamental properties like individual light switches.

On earth, the switch for gravity is set to “on.”

In heaven (or “outer space,” as we now refer to it), the switch for gravity is set to “off.”

If we traveled to Mars or some other planet, we might have to learn from experience what the gravity setting would be. We assume it would be “on,” but we wouldn’t know for sure until we tested it.

Now think of travel. How do humans travel? Well, we can:

  • Crawl
  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Ride an animal
  • Leverage technology (peddle a bicycle; row a boat; ride in a car or train; fly in an airplane)

We can use these methods to travel because they work within the parameters of the properties GOD set forth on earth.

By contrast, if I try to jump off the edge of a cliff and fly like a bird … well … that isn’t going to end well for me. Why? Because it is inconsistent with the properties GOD set up on earth.

But, if I strap myself to a hang glider and jump off that same cliff … well … I’ve got a chance of flying. Why? Because I’m again leveraging the fundamental principles of how creation works on earth.

Humans are subject to the properties GOD set forth in creation, but so are all other creatures, whether on earth or in heaven.

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