Christian Life

Title Published Date
"I'm Starving!" No, You're Really Not (Why we should stop using this thankless phrase) 12 September 2013
3 Benefits from Participatory Church Meetings (Why Mutual Participation Works) 21 March 2013
3 Psalms That Will Encourage You During Evil Times 27 June 2015
3 Tips to Loving Others as Jesus Loves Us (How to Extend Agape Love Even When it's Hard) 27 February 2013
5 Reasons Quiet Time is Valuable (Why We Need Solitude) 08 March 2013
5 Reasons You Should Rest (Looking at rest from a biblical perspective) 07 September 2015
5 Simple Yet Powerful Lessons I Learned from My First Sermon 07 May 2016
5 Things I Didn't Know about Martin Luther (Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation) 31 October 2017
A Fresh Look at Jesus' Second Coming from Second Thessalonians 28 March 2017
A Letter to Jesus (Asking Questions About Things I Don't Understand) 30 June 2013
A Spotlight on the Shadows of Israel's Exodus 23 August 2016
Answered Prayers Are Sometimes Disguised as Problems 16 November 2015
Are You a Real Heretic? (The Best Book I've Read, Besides the Bible) 18 January 2013
August 18 - Personal Accountability 18 August 2011
Balancing Appreciation for both Scripture and Church History (Why we shouldn't over- or under-emphasize history) 27 May 2015
Be Scripturally-Effective (Why This Should be Every Church's Goal) 18 March 2013
Biblical Principle #1: God Exists 26 July 2020
Biblical Principle #10: Sin is Unrighteousness 16 August 2020
Biblical Principle #102: God Works Everything for the Good of His Children 24 January 2022
Biblical Principle #103: God Allows Suffering for the Greater Good 31 January 2022