No. We are striving to imitate the New Testament pattern for the church as closely as possible based upon our Bible study. It really is that simple. We didn't make a conscious decision to be part of any widespread "movement." It is obvious, however, that many other Christians are asking the same questions, struggling with the same issues, and reaching similar conclusions as we have reached. For a more detailed explanation, download the free e-book linked below.

house church reflections coverGet a copy of Tim Harris' free e-book House Church Reflections which looks at the history of this church, what led to its beginnings, how our assemblies are conducted, lessons learned from our time together so far, advice to anyone considering beginning a congregation in their home, challenges encountered, and debunking some misconceptions about house churches.

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Tim Harris
Author: Tim Harris
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Tim Harris is a Christian writer and teacher currently living in Montgomery, Alabama. He is married to Holly and they have two children. Tim and Holly have hosted a house church since 2010. Tim started in 2010 to promote the full gospel, encourage other Christians hungry to develop a deeper relationship with GOD, and create a reusable library of spiritual content.

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