Biblical Principle #271: No False Oaths in God’s Name

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God forbid Israel from swearing oaths falsely in His name.


In the Law of Moses, GOD said:

12 You shall not swear by My name unjustly, nor shall you defile the name of your God: I am the Lord your God.

Leviticus 19:12 OSB

As we have previously established, GOD is holy. We have previously seen how important names are to GOD, and how He changed the name of certain individuals whom He called for special purposes.

Each of us define a person’s name based upon the combination of their:

  • Character — Who that person shows themselves to be during our first-hand interactions with them.
  • Reputation — Who we think they are based upon what we’ve heard about them.

In the Second World, the Gentile nations had their gods and Israel had Yahweh GOD. The covenant was designed to show GOD’s glory through His abundant blessings upon His people, Israel, because of their obedient faithfulness to Him.

Generally speaking, because of the angelic rule over each Gentile nation, individual Gentiles during this time did not have a close personal relationship with GOD in the same way that an Israelite could. Therefore, at that time, a Gentile had a lesser access to know GOD’s character through direct interaction.

Thus, Israel’s behavior and faithfulness to the covenant were critical to the Gentiles accurately understanding who Jehovah GOD is. The more accurately Israel spoke of GOD, and the more righteously Israel lived, the more clearly a Gentile could perceive GOD’s reputation by what He had done to bless Israel, and to defeat and suppress Israel’s enemies.

Because of these things, GOD has always been keenly interested in protecting His name and ensuring His name is treated as holy. This is why He required that no false oaths be taken in his name.

Biblical Principles List


One response to “Biblical Principle #271: No False Oaths in God’s Name”

  1. Matt Gause Avatar
    Matt Gause

    YWHW God and His Israelite nation provided an excellent example to the gentile nations, especially in Israel’s treatment and provision to the foreigner.
    Some of the historians even commented on the Hebrew peoples’ separation & reverence for their special GOD of Israel.

    Even Peter in the Book of Acts addresses the crowd: “Men of Israel and those who fear God”
    Referring to the gentile stranger living in their land.

    Finally, a culmination is found in the Book of Romans, where the offer of salvation is to the Jew first, then the gentile, and the book of Romans details the “hammering out” of a new multicultural family under Christ in Rome, with many gentiles learning to live peacefully with the Jews in the cosmopolitan population of Rome at the time; food laws, customs, and various differences get ironed out to make a unified multicultural family in the Commonwealth of Israel.

    The grafting in of the wild olive branches to the VINE ❤️

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