Biblical Principle #98: Joseph Was a Shadow of Jesus

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Joseph was a shadow of Jesus.


We have previous observed that the Bible is full of shadows—images that point forward towards the person—of Jesus. We noted this with Melchizedek.

The truth is that every righteous person in Scripture provides us some form of shadow towards Jesus. Joseph is no exception.

Consider the parallels between Joseph and Jesus:

  • Sons of Israel (Jacob)
  • Firstborn of their mother
  • Prophets
  • Favorite son of their father
  • Hated by their brethren
  • Persecuted out of envy
  • Taken captive despite innocence
  • Spent time in Egypt
  • Refused to give in to temptation (referring specifically to Potiphar’s wife’s advances with regard to Joseph here [see Genesis 39] … Joseph was a sinner in need of salvation just as every other person besides Jesus)
  • Suffered for crimes they didn’t commit
  • GOD delivered and elevated them out of their lowly status
  • Delivered their family

There are no doubt many more parallels between Joseph and Jesus.

As you read Scripture, look for the Christ qualities that can be seen in the righteous. These observances deepen our appreciation for Jesus, for the GOD-breathed nature of Scripture, and strengthen our faith regarding what GOD has done, is doing, and will do for you and all of His children when we surrender our life to His will rather than our own.

Biblical Principles List


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