Biblical Principle #179: Israel Defeated Kings Sihon and Og

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Israel defeated King Sihon of the Amorites and King Og of Bashan and took possession of territory in Moab.


As had been the case with previous rulers, King Sihon of the Amorites in the land of Moab refused Israel peaceful passage through their territory. Instead, Sihon led the army against Israel. It did not go well for them. Likewise, Og, king of Bashan, fought against Israel and lost.

18 … Then from the Well they went to Mattanah, 19 and from Mattanah to Nahaliel, from Nahaliel to Bamoth, 20 and from Bamoth to the valley, that is, the plain of Moab, which, from the top of the quarried rock, looks out over against the desert.

21 Then Moses sent ambassadors to Sihon king of the Amorites with peaceful words, saying, 22 “Let us pass through your land. We will journey on the road, and not turn aside either into a field or a vineyard; we will not drink water from your well. We will journey on the King’s Highway until we pass beyond your borders.” 23 But Sihon would not allow Israel to pass through his borders. So Sihon gathered all his people together and went out to engage Israel in battle in the desert; so he came to Jahaz and engaged Israel in battle. 24 Then Israel struck him with slaughter by the sword and gained dominion over his land, from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the sons of Ammon; for Jazer is the border of the sons of Ammon. 25 So Israel took all these cities, and Israel dwelt in all the cities of the Amorites, in Heshbon and in all its villages. 26 For Heshbon was the city of Sihon king of the Amorites, who fought against the former king of Moab and took all his land from Aroer to the Arnon. 27 Therefore those who speak in riddles say:

“Come to Heshbon,
So the city of Sihon may be built and made ready.
28 For fire went out from Heshbon,
A flame from the city of Sihon;
It consumed as far as Moab,
And swallowed up the pillars of the Arnon.
29 Woe to you, Moab!
You were destroyed,
O people of Chemosh!
Their sons were sold to be kept alive,
And their daughters are captives to Sihon king of the Amorites.
30 Their seed shall perish from Heshbon to Dibon,
And their women again stirred up fire over Moab.”

31 Now Israel dwelt in all the cities of the Amorites. 32 Then Moses sent to spy out Jazer; and they took it and its villages, and cast out the Amorites dwelling there. 33 After this, they turned and went up the road to Bashan. So Og king of Bashan and all his people came to meet them in battle at Edrei. 34 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Do not fear him, for I have delivered him into your hand, with all his people and his land; and you shall do to him as you did to Sihon king of the Amorites, who dwelt in Heshbon.” 35 So they struck him, his sons, and all his people until there was no survivor left him; and they inherited their land.

Numbers 21:18-35 OSB

The long wilderness wandering journey to Canaan’s border was almost complete.

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