Is Jesus Black? (Do we know Jesus’ skin color?)

We simply do not know.

Jesus was of Hebrew Jewish descent, not African.

It is likely that Jesus had darker skin, but unlikely it was an extremely dark shade commonly referred to as “black.”

The Scriptures provide us very little detail about Jesus’ appearance and say nothing of His skin color.

Isa. 50:6 is a prophecy of Jesus and indicates that He had a beard at the time of His crucifixion.

Based on Isa. 53:2, it seems Jesus was not a particularly physically-attractive person. This is consistent with the purpose of His coming and His association with the humble and lowly.

Acknowledging the Christian belief that Jesus is GOD, the Christians of the first several centuries were generally strongly opposed to having images of Jesus, perceiving such as a form of idolatry.

According to Wikipedia, the oldest known image of Jesus dates from about 235 A.D.

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Thankfully, Jesus is just as great a Savior regardless of what color skin He had on earth.


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