“I’m Starving!” No, You’re Really Not (Why we should stop using this thankless phrase)

Have you ever said something to the effect of “I’m starving” in an attempt to describe your hunger?

I have.

Have you ever paused to think about what we’re saying when we use that phrase, even jokingly?

Friends, if you have eaten a meal within the past 24 hours, no matter how hungry you may feel, you are not “starving.”

I used to be fond of using that phrase to describe when I thought I was especially hungry.

Then one day it hit me:

With how incredibly blessed I am, I have never actually known what it feels like to be “starving.”

In fact, GOD has blessed me so richly that I’ve never had to truly be concerned where I was going to find my next meal.

An overwhelming sense of shame came over me.

How thankless must I appear to GOD when I flippantly use the phrase “I’m starving” when hundreds of thousands of people around this world literally are starving?!?

I repented of my ingratitude and poor choice of words and, to my knowledge, I have never again said, “I’m starving.”

I pray that GOD never has to show me what it is to be starving in order to get me to realize how ungrateful I can be.

Can you relate?

If so, resolve to repent of thanklessness and pray for increased thank-full-ness.

Let’s think about what we say!





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