How to Succeed at Dating and Build a Healthy Marriage (That Stands the Test of Time)

How do you date effectively (from a Christian perspective)?

How do you parent teenage kids who are dating, without going insane or worrying excessively?

How do you build a healthy marriage that fulfills your needs and fills your life with joy?

What are the keys to strengthening your marriage so that it can withstand life’s storms and stand the test of time?

If you want to answer these questions and more, listen to the audio messages linked below.

Part #1: Our Story

For a variety of reasons, I’ve not published much content on marriage previously here at But I believe that stories are powerful, especially those whereby the hand of GOD’s providence can be clearly seen.

So I decided to tell our story—How Holly and I met, began to date and how we married at a young age and, by GOD’s grace, celebrated our 20th anniversary in August 2018.

And I didn’t think this would be a good story without Holly, so I asked her to join me—something we’ve not done before—in recording this lesson. I think she hit a homerun! But I am biased. ?

Listen to our story here.

marriage our story post screenshot

Part #2: How to Date Successfully (and Parent Dating Teenagers)

Dating can be a lot of fun and very beneficial (because it can lead to marriage, of course!). And then, dating can also be a treacherous minefield. Successful navigation takes preparation and teaching.

So how set ourselves or our children up for success when it comes to dating?

That’s the focus of part 2 of our series on marriage. 

Listen to part 2 here.

marriage dating successfully

Part #3: How to Create a Healthy Marriage

What will help you get married isn’t necessarily what will help you succeed in marriage.

In this session, Holly and I discuss our top tips on how to have a healthy, successful marriage.

Listen to part 3 here.

how to have a healthy marriage marriage

Part #4: Marriages That Stand the Test of Time

In this session, Holly and I discuss what we have found to be important to keeping marriages strong over the long haul.

Anybody can be successful at marriage for a short time. But it takes skills commitment—and GOD’s blessing—to keep a marriage healthy over decades.

Listen to part 4 on marriages that stand the test of time.

marriage test of time

Part #5: What Marriage Teaches Us about GOD

Marriage gives us great insight into GOD’s nature and character.

As with parenting—and any human relationship, for that matter—marriage helps us better understand GOD and how He feels towards us.

In our fifth and final part of this series on marriage, Holly and I discuss what we can learn about GOD through marriage.

Give it a listen here.

marriage god character


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