Re-Thinking Heaven [What Scripture REALLY Says about the Home of the Righteous]

Where do the righteous live after death? Does the Bible teach that Christians go to heaven? What does Scripture really reveal about the eternal home of the saved?

In this video I cover:

– How the Bible defines the word “heaven.”
– The distinction between “heaven” the place and “the heavens” (plural).
– Synonyms for “the heavens” within Scripture.
– How heaven/the heavens fits within the overall Bible story.
– Where the righteous live eternally after death.
– The connection between “heaven” and “the promised land.”
– How the Bible describes the place where the righteous live after death.

0:00 Introduction
3:31 Part 1 – Reframing Our Perception of Heaven
34:39 Part 2 – Where the Righteous Live Eternally
54:33 Part 3 – How Scripture Describes the Home of the Righteous
2:02:35 Part 4 – Clarifying New Jerusalem
2:14:00 Conclusion

If you have not already watched the previous videos in this series, please do so before watching this video. Here’s the link to the playlist.

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