Biblical Principle #53: God is Practical

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God is practical.


When you study the Bible, one thing that becomes apparent is that GOD is a practical God. In other words, every action GOD takes, every word He spoke / speaks, every command and instruction GOD gave—everything GOD does is intentional and purpose-driven.

GOD never instructs people to do (or avoid doing) something without reason.

GOD is 100% logical.

The English word logical comes from the Greek word “logos.” Logos has multiple meanings, one of which is “reason” or “reasoning” (logic, basically!).

One of the most difficult things for humans to accept is “why.” Why did my mom die from cancer? Why did I lose my job? Why did we get in a car wreck? Why was I spared from being on the plane that crashed? Why did GOD do this to me?

Many times, the logic behind GOD’s commands can be easily seen. For instance, when GOD said not to kill, it is obvious that taking another person’s life harms that person and his/her loved ones.

Often, the wisdom behind GOD’s commands can be more clearly seen in hindsight. When we make a mistake, the consequences often leave a deep impression upon us that causes us to better appreciate the practicality of GOD’s instructions.

Likewise, in hindsight, we can often connect the dots as to why certain things happened in our life as they did in order to bring us to a particular place or result.

For instance, I went through a stretch in my career where I had five different jobs within a span of four years because negative things kept happening that were beyond my control. At the time, it was painful and I wondered why these things were happening to me. Now, as I write this, I can clearly see how GOD’s hand was involved and guiding me to a better place than I was at then. I couldn’t see it while it was happening, but I can clearly answer the question why now.

What does this mean for us?

  1. Trust GOD.
  2. Remember that GOD loves you deeply (to the point that He was willing to come to earth as a human and suffer great persecution and die for you so that you can be with Him!).
  3. Look for the practical logic behind GOD’s instructions. If something has no apparent purpose, it probably didn’t come from GOD.
  4. Remember that you often have to go through difficulties in order to understand why things happened as they did.
  5. Walk by faith.

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