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my kidsWant to deepen your relationship with GOD?

Looking for quality daily devotionals?

Interested in an easy aid to discussing the Bible with your family?

If you answered yes to any of these, then our daily devotionals can help.

A Little Background...

As a young father, I knew I needed to be talking about GOD’s word with my children daily from the time they were young.

I wanted daily family devotional lessons that:

  1. Could be read and discussed 15 minutes or less.
  2. Covered more than the popular stories found in most of the children’s books.
  3. Communicated the entire story of the Bible.
  4. Would give my children a taste of the depth of Scripture.
  5. Were deep enough that adults could also benefit.

I looked for resources that had already been published.

I thought, "Surely someone has already created what I’m looking for."

But I never found anything I liked.

So I decided to create my own family devotionals and used them with my family. And now I'm sharing them with you.

I used the reading schedule of The Daily Bible, which I highly recommend for both daily reading and chronological Bible study.

Get Started Here ⬇️

I've made these devotions available in three ways. You can:

  1. Read them online starting here.
  2. Sign up below to receive one per day via email over the next year.

  3. Purchase them via Kindle e-book here.

In April 2010, my family and I joined with several other Christians in our area to start a new congregation meeting in our homes. This section of the site contains information about our church.

Click here for assembly times and locations. If you are in the Montgomery, Alabama area, we'd very much like to have you visit. Here are some of our core beliefs.

house church reflections 3d book

Get a copy of Tim Harris' free e-book House Church Reflections which looks at the history of this church, what led to its beginnings, how our assemblies are conducted, lessons learned from our first four years together, advice to anyone considering beginning a congregation in their home, challenges encountered, and debunking some misconceptions about house churches.

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