Church Notes: One Song to Describe Your Life

These are my notes in preparation for our 1/15/2012 church meeting.

Leader: Raymond Harris


To prepare for our worship together, choose a song that expresses your life with God. Spend some time with your song and be ready to share with the family why and how it is meaningful to you in expressing your life or some aspect of your life with God. Share any scriptures that would fit with your thoughts. My desire is for each one to be able to share our hearts with God, and with each other. We will sing together to God. And by spending time in thought before hand as we prepare this will help us when we come together to engage our hearts in spiritual adoration to God. (worship)

My Notes

For me, this was a fairly easy decision, since I’ve written about this already. My song is “Where I Belong,” by Switchfoot. Read my article here: Looking for a Place Where I Belong.


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