Church Notes: Discussion Questions on Personal Bible Study

The discussion questions below were used at our 9/26/2012 church meeting to stimulate open, honest and transparent discussion regarding our individual Bible study habits. Feel free to use these questions as an internal self-assessment exercise or with your own church or Bible study group.

Leader: Tim Harris


No pre-preparation assignment was given for this assembly. Instead, I informed everyone I would have some discussion questions on the topic of studying the Bible.

My Notes

Here are the discussion questions:

1. Other than preparing for a church meeting assignment, the last thing I studied from the Bible on my own was ____ .


2. What is the difference between reading and studying?


3. On average, how much time per month do you spend studying your Bible?


4. What do you find to be your biggest inhibitor to studying the Bible?


5. How do you identify topics or texts you want to study from the Bible? How do you keep up with them?


6. How do you keep up with your notes from your personal studies?


7. What tools or resources do you use to aid in your studies?


8. If someone asked you to teach them to study their Bible, what would you do?


9. Could you show someone right now, from the Bible, what to do to be saved?


10. Based on this discussion, what if any actions do you intend to take?


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