Christian Fundamentals Series – Lesson 4 Questions

Answer the following questions with Scripture. (Download a PDF version of these questions here.)

Church Organization

1. What roles did Jesus establish within the church?


2. Why did Jesus setup these roles?


3. Are shepherds, pastors, bishops, presbyters, overseers, and elders the same or different roles?


4. What can we learn about the following from the Old Testament:

a. Elders?


b. Shepherds?


5. What is the purpose of shepherds in the church?


6. What does the word deacon mean?


7. Who are presbyters to oversee?


8. Must there be multiple pastors in a congregation?


9. List the qualifications for a bishop.


10. What does the word “deacon” mean?


11. List the qualifications for a deacon.


12. Can a woman be a deacon?

13. What are evangelists responsible for doing?


14. Did Jesus assign some to be pulpit preachers?


15. Where does the term “pulpit” come from?


16. Is there a NT example(s) of a preacher preaching to Christians?


17. Does GOD expect Christians from other congregations/cities/areas to communicate?


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