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  • What’s Going On? (Making Sense of Our World’s Insanity)

    What’s Going On? (Making Sense of Our World’s Insanity)

    This post is unlike what I usually write here. It is generally my intent to publish content here that is fact, based upon verifiable Scripture, and to minimize opinion and speculation. To that end, I typically steer clear of politics and social discussions unless they are clearly covered in Scripture. But today, I have something…

  • For My Church of Christ Friends

    Hi! Welcome! Do you have a Church of Christ background? Awesome! So do I! I was raised attending a small country Church of Christ (COC) congregation in central Alabama. When I got married, at the young age of 18, my wife and I moved to Montgomery, where we attended a COC for 12 years before…

  • Want to Grow Closer to GOD?

    Do you long for a stronger, healthier relationship with GOD, but need some help? We understand. And we can help. Let us send you free resources, articles and encouragement.   {loadposition socialemailsignup}

  • Join Our Email List

    Join Our Email List

    Hi, At, we have three goals: Promote the full gospel of Jesus. Inspire deeper walks with GOD. Build a rich library of spiritual content for reuse. In addition to the wealth of content that is publicly available here, we share even more with insiders through our email list, including access to special downloads and…

  • Thanks for Your Interest in “House Church Reflections!”

    Thanks for Your Interest in “House Church Reflections!”

    Thank you so much for registering to download House Church Reflections. You should receive an email within the next 15 minutes containing the download link.   If you have problems or do not receive the download email, please notify us at (Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder to ensure it didn’t get miscategorized by…

  • Welcome! And Thank You

    Welcome! And Thank You

    Welcome! Thank you so much for joining our community of insiders. We are sincerely thrilled to have you aboard. As soon as possible, I will send you a welcome email containing more information, including links to a number of free downloads. Please note the following email address: If you need anything or do not receive…