Atlanta Fest 2011 – Switchfoot

Atlanta Fest 2011 kicked off on Wednesday evening with Switchfoot. This was the third time I’ve seen Switchfoot play and they are my favorite live band, hands down. They bring an energy and passion that I have found to be unmatched, and their songs speak to my heart. The passion they have for enjoying life is contagious. I hope to see them many more times.

Before the show the band was kind enough to hold a meet-and-greet with everyone, so we got to meet the guys and had them sign our shirts. They were quite friendly and interactive.

Pre-show Meet and Greet

For sake of time we weren’t able to take photos with the band, but they allowed us to shoot impromptu snapshots of them signing as we went through the line.

Here we are with our signed Atlanta Fest t-shirts.

The Performance

The show started with Switchfoot’s typical electric atmosphere and edgy sound.

Absolutely perfect!

They made it through six songs before they had to quit because of a thunderstorm.

I’ve uploaded two videos from the show, the first song and their last, below.

About halfway through their set it started to rain and then it just got more and more windy and the rain started coming down hard.

My wife Holly was holding the tiny umbrella we had brought over both of our heads which allowed me to record despite the deteriorating conditions. I hope you enjoy the videos, because, in my opinion, the “Meant to Live” video turned out pretty unique. I doubt many other people have footage of the band playing in a downpour.

Anyway, enjoy.

“The Sound”

“Meant to Live”

Awesome show! Thanks for the memories, Switchfoot!!!






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