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My favorite subject in all the world is the gospel of Jesus—how He loves you and me and how He paid our debt to GOD by offering Himself in our place to die.

I love people. I don’t want anyone to experience hell.

In America today, many people are hurting and we’re all watching a once-great country stumble and crumble under the weight of sin. We need Jesus now more desperately than ever. The sad reality is that many people are content and complacent spiritually, steeped in tradition and lulled to sleep in a false sense of spiritual security.

It’s for these reasons I feel called to write so frequently about matters of salvation, attempting to point to the truth of the Scriptures and dispel myths and false teachings that set people rolling down the wide path that leads to destruction, believing they are instead on the way that ends in heaven.

This morning I published my latest article on the subject of salvation.

In this article, I examine what the post-New Testament early Christians wrote about how to be saved.

Because these brothers lived in the decades following the apostles, significant weight should be given to their understanding of the Scriptures. These men were leaders in the early church—before the mainstream church became corrupt—and they were personally taught by the apostles or those who knew the apostles. On top of these facts, the really good news is that they all believed and taught the same thing on this all-important subject.

So I’m going to keep this blog post short and ask you to go read that article here.

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