About Chasing a Lion

Hi, my name is Tim Harris, creator of chasingalion.com. I’m a Christian living in the Montgomery, Alabama area, along with my wife Holly. We have two young adult children who also live nearby.

I created Chasing a Lion in November 2010. At the time, I had three primary reasons for starting the site:

  1. Proclaim the complete good news of salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD. As a follower of Jesus, I strive to love people as He does. And I am concerned that many are misled by false gospels, especially the false gospel of “easy-believe-ism.” Great need exists for promoting the biblical gospel taught and practiced by the apostles.
  2. Stimulate our thinking by (re-)examining our beliefs, traditions, attitudes, and behaviors against what Scripture says, for the purpose of strengthening our faith and closeness to GOD.
  3. Create an online, organized library of content, compiled from a community of trusted contributors.

As is often the case, what has come to pass is quite different than my initial vision for this “project.”

For example, I envisioned the site being a multi-contributor aggregation of viewpoints. However, over time, I (re-)learned that, although GOD had given me a passion for writing and sharing my Bible study findings with the world here, others had different gifts and different mission fields.

Additionally, although social media use was widespread in 2010, I did not envision it becoming so easy for individuals to share their thoughts with the world through avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs.

Whereas driving traffic to one’s blog was a challenge long before 2010, the engagement facilitated through “healthy” (i.e., popular, growing, high-interaction) social media communities was something I had not foreseen at the time.

Instead, looking back well over a decade later, what has happened is:

  • About 98% of the content here, I created (basically a “solo” platform rather than “multi-contributor”).
  • About 90% of visitors find the site from search engines, typically looking for a specific topic or question.
  • GOD has blessed me to connect with countless Jesus-followers and truth-seekers all over the world.
  • The site has provided some of my life’s greatest blessings as it has given me an outlet to share my findings, connect with others, and learn from them.

Site Content

Content on the site can be generally categorized as follows:

  • The Full Gospel
  • Information about our House Church
  • Daily Family Devotionals
  • Topical / Textual Articles

New content is typically added at least several times per month.

About Me

I was raised in a small rural town in central Alabama. My parents, siblings, and I attended a small country conservative church. The Christians there were loving and invested in me as a child. Among the most important values they collectively instilled in me was the importance of regular individual Bible study.

In 1998, Holly and I married and moved to Montgomery. We were young, but had grown weary of dating long-distance while living with our parents. We found a church we liked in Montgomery and became active “members.”

In April 2010, we started a new congregation meeting in our home. There were numerous drivers for this decision, which you can read about in my e-book House Church Reflections.

In November 2010, I set up chasingalion.com as a mechanism for communicating beyond our house church.

As I write this, we continue to host assemblies in our home over a decade later. The house church has been one of the greatest blessings I have received.

Looking back, since 2010, my spiritual walk with GOD can be summarized by the following themes (i.e., growth areas or subjects I had misunderstood):

  1. The grip that religious human tradition had upon my view of GOD, Christianity, and life.
  2. Eschatology—matters pertaining to Jesus’ second coming, death, the resurrection, and the afterlife.
  3. The superiority of the Septuagint Old Testament source versus the Hebrew Masoretic Text used to translate most English Bibles.
  4. The real existence of “gods” and the three worlds described in Scripture.
  5. The vast detail the Bible provides about what “heaven” is like, particularly in the Prophets.

My passion is to help hungry truth-seekers who long for more, to dive deeper into the infinite depths of GOD’s nature, character, and extract every possible goodness from life, here and hereafter.

If this describes you, then I want to meet you so we can help one another.

Let’s Connect!

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