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Check out the videos I took from Casting Crowns' performance at Atlanta Fest 2011.

With this post I'll conclude my footage from this past June's Atlanta Fest.

It's hard to believe it has almost been two months since the event.

Casting Crowns, a longtime favorite of ours, was the final band we got to see, and they put on a fantastic show. The video doesn't do it justice. It was pretty amazing.

While I felt that all of the bands tried to focus our attention on GOD and not upon themselves, I really thought Casting Crowns did the most effective job of this.

Another thing I appreciated about Casting Crowns is that, both in their music and in the words they spoke on stage, they didn't focus exclusively upon the joy and celebration that there is to be found in being a child of GOD. They truly challenge people to live holy lives as GOD has called us, and to fulfill the responsibility GOD has given to love one another. It was a most enjoyable evening. Here are videos of some of their performance.

Slow Fade

If We Are the Body

Voice of Truth

Who Am I


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