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What exactly is the kingdom of heaven? When will it come—or, when did it come? And what does the kingdom of heaven mean for Christians today?

The kingdom of heaven is the primary theme of the New Testament Scriptures.

John the Baptist came preaching a baptism of repentance for the Jews, teaching that the kingdom of heaven was near.

Jesus picked up right where John left off and proclaimed that the kingdom of heaven was at hand. Jesus taught His disciples to pray for the kingdom to come. And yet, in other places, Jesus warned the Jewish religious leaders that GOD was going to weed out all the wicked from the kingdom, indicating that the kingdom was already present at that time.

So which is it?

Was the kingdom already present or not?

How are we to make sense of Jesus' teachings which seem, at first glance, to contradict one another?

After Jesus ascended to heaven, the evangelists and apostles went everywhere preaching the gospel of the kingdom.


The kingdom of heaven is a subject that needs a lot of clarification. We've badly misunderstood it and I'm hoping to help.

It's time to take a fresh look. It's time to re-think the kingdom of heaven.

Let me show you:

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