Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church series

When you search for history of the church, it won't be long before you read of a man named Philip Schaff.

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Schaff was an 19th century church historian and professor. His contributions, without the advantages of modern technology such as the Internet and air travel, are astonishing.

Perhaps his greatest work was an eight-volume series entitled History of the Christian Church. The series covers the time period from the life of Jesus through the life of John Calvin. Though initially published about 150 years ago, the series is still in print, a testament to its quality and usefulness, given our age of ever-increasing information.

It took me four years to read through this series. I highly recommend it. But the problem is, it's so long that most people are unable or unwilling to devote the time to it.

I read it on Kindle, which allowed me to digitally highlight and make notes.

The information is so vast that I concluded a modern, easily-searchable index was needed. So I built one! And I want to give you access to it.

Get free access to my "cliff notes" of Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church series, including a topically hyperlinked index.

  • Links to read Schaff's series online
  • Key quotes from each volume
  • My personal notes (I don't always agree with Schaff)
  • An introductory video explaining how to use the tools


*** Note: Volumes 1-2 are currently available. Subsequent volumes will be published and indexed at the links provided. ***

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