Amy Baswell Hall in New York City

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Amy and Holly in NYCAs we mourned our great loss of Amy's passing, Holly compiled these beautiful words which she posted on Facebook, which I simply must share here:

I first remember meeting Amy when I was about 14 years old. One summer we spent a week together at Aunt DeDe's house. The one word that stands out in my memory of that week in the summer with her is "laughter". We laughed A LOT. Sure she was 6 years older than me but she was never too cool to hang out with those younger than herself. She made a lasting impression upon me then as a young teen.

Though we may have seen each other briefly over the years following that summer, some 10 years later we would reconnect again. But this time as 2 adults. Amy had moved to Montgomery and had begun meeting with the same group of Christians we met with at the time. Being Tim's cousin, by default made her mine too.

Amy and I shared a special bond from that point on, a friendship that was like none other I had before that and none other I'll have after it. I affectionately called her my "friend-soul-mate", my "kindred-spirit". These kind of friendships don't come along very often in life and should be cherished for the rarity that they are. There's like an invisible string that just pulls you to that person. Be it common interests, similar sense of humor, and a multitude of other things but I know the one tie that was stronger than the rest was our relationship in Jesus Christ. She was my sister in Jesus.

Through the years she lived in Montgomery we shared many fond memories together. She, Tim and I hung out all the time, we were like the 3 amigos. We played video games together, watched movies together and just shared in life together for big and small events. Despite her intense hatred of crowds, when I told Amy I wanted us to take a big trip together for my 30th birthday to NYC she was 100% on board! And we had the absolute best time together on that trip. During those years of living close by we cried together, we laughed together, we prayed together. She was my closest and dearest friend. I truly believe God gave her to me for a very special season in our lives.

Then one day, Amy moved away to start a new chapter in her life with Kevin. Though a long time prayer had been answered for her and we continued to praise God for His answer, her moving away broke my heart and I know it did hers as well. But that one tie that was stronger than the rest? The wonderful thing about it, is that no matter where she went or the distance between us, the tie that bound us together through Jesus was always firm and strong. When I was able to visit Amy, after her move, we picked back up as if no time had passed. We laughed, we cried, we prayed together. Every moment and memory I have with Amy is a deeply cherished one.

Amy touched my life those 21+ years ago and I have been blessed to call her a friend ever since. Amy wasn't a big hugger but I grew up in a family that was and I loved forcing her to hug me. I will miss our awkward hugs. I will miss her laugh. I will miss our talks. I will miss her competitive game playing spirit. I will miss her fierce passion and love for her family. But I will forever carry her and all of these memories in my heart. All those years of memories we shared will bring me many smiles and many laughs until the day I can force her to give me another awkward hug in Heaven. Until then Ames...

Even now as I read of their friendship I fight back the tears.

Amy's departure has left a big hole in our hearts for sure.

Yet, what a testimony this is to a life well lived!

Despite our sadness, we have every confidence that Amy indeed received her eternal reward and is with the Father in heaven.

She was covered by the blood of Jesus and served Him faithfully until she died.

And for this reason, we rejoice that she is no longer suffering with a body that was consumed with cancer or wrestling with the struggles and disappointments of life under the sun. We are elated for Amy's new exalted position.

Amy's funeral was on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in Tallassee, AL.

The funeral home was overflowing with attendees.

I was blessed to see so many friends, family and loved ones who I hadn't seen in a long time.

We laughed and enjoyed catching up on one another's lives.

My deepest thanks go out to all who attended, sent notes of love and concern, and especially prayed for the family. I am so very thankful for the Christians in Watkinsville who cared for Amy and Kevin during the past several years and continue to support Kevin in the days ahead. Amy loved her spiritual family there very much.

Among these, I am especially thankful for Jeff, Tonya, Jonathan, Benjamin and Laura Henderson and for Marc and Laurie Lewis. Their love and tireless efforts to help Amy meant so much. Jeff spoke at the funeral service and did a very fine job, I thought.

After the funeral, Aunt Net and Uncle Richard hosted the family and close friends for food and fellowship. My deepest thanks go out to all who prepared, brought and served food. It was such a blessing. We had a wonderful time of healing and fellowship together, though you could tell the immediate family was pretty exhausted.