Daily Family Devotionals E-book

Well I finally finished it.

I've self-published my family devotionals e-book through Amazon.

It's now available in Kindle format.

Even though I know it's no big deal and that anybody can publish their books through this channel, I have to admit, seeing my own personal author page on one of the Web's biggest sites was a pretty cool feeling. Below are links to the devotionals e-book and my author page, if you want to check them out.

With regard to the e-book, I should note that it's a 1.0 release.

In other words, I'm learning about formatting and such for Kindle e-books.

I spent gobs of hours formatting everything nicely and, when I uploaded it to Amazon, most of my "prettiness" was lost. That said, I do plan to review and enhance it going forward, and thankfully Amazon makes it easy to update your work.

Anyway, I'm celebrating this milestone even if only 3 people ever download a copy of it.

Goal accomplished ✅

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Author: Tim Harris
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Tim Harris is a Christian writer and teacher currently living in Montgomery, Alabama. He is married to Holly and they have two children. Tim and Holly have hosted a house church since 2010. Tim started chasingalion.com in 2010 to promote the full gospel, encourage other Christians hungry to develop a deeper relationship with GOD, and create a reusable library of spiritual content.

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